Acara Glass & Aluminum Ltd was founded in 1988, with the intent to just "sell a piece of glass". Over the years, we have grown in size but more importantly, have gained expertise and experience in our industry. We now help our customers at the design stage to find aesthetically pleasing building solutions and look for ways to cut costs. We then follow up with our quality fabrication and installation.

Our Core Values: 

1. “None of us are as smart as all of us.” Together Everyone Achieves More
        - so much more can be accomplished as a team. we value and encourage input from all employees

2. Our customers can win, our suppliers can win, and we can win. Together it’s a better way.
        - relationships are extremely important, let's build and grow together

3. Be accountable. Accept responsibility for everything you say and do.

4. Keeping score helps achieve our desired results.
        - we look at various aspects at a company level AND employee level to see where we're at, where we need to go,  and what we need to do to get there

5. Take time to recognize individual and team successes within the company.
        - working hard is great but it's important we take time to celebrate both team and individual successes